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My Journey Through Grief. 

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At the beginning of this year I experienced a moment that I knew would come, eventually. And it did. 

It shook everything and everyone tied to it. 

Almost 10 months later and it is still fresh in my universe. 

How do we process these moments in time? These moments that shift our universe for the rest of our time?

I spend day after day, picturing moments during my life that happened before January 26th, 2018. Trying to hang on to those feelings my soul once recognized. When the world seemed right.

Is it possible? 

Or are these moments sent by the universe to be so profound…. that our soul is never intended to recover to a recognizable essence anyway…?

To be continued…


God gives us dreams a size to big, so that we can grow into them. 

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This is definitely something I have learned along the way. Nothing comes easy and if I want it I have to give it my all. Whether that be a lasting marriage, a beautiful, healthy family, an education that will help build a successful career or to be proud when I look in the mirror. I want to go places and see things and build memories that are filled with laughter and love. The things I want in life are attainable. I just have to give it my all and remind myself that it’s one day at a time. Because even though I see all these wonderful things happening for us in the future, today is here and now and it is just as beautiful and amazing. Working on myself is the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced. Its a life long commitment because there’s always room for growth and improvement. It’s a constant thing that requires full dedication and it’s a true team effort between myself and God ☝🏼️This is how I will create true beauty in my life.

Live. Laugh. Love. Learn.

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The people I have in my life, I hold near and dear to me. I get a warm feeling when I think about you guys. I know who you are, I hope you do too. If not, then I will do better to make it known. Sometimes I’m not the greatest at opening up and being vulnerable about those things and then other times I’m the best at it lol. I don’t know, I guess we (people) go through waves of change and each wave will either help us build a wall or break one down. I really am striving to be a better me. One thing I’ve learned is that I have to set boundaries. Whether it be with reserving my mental energy, getting more sleep, diet and nutrition, prayer…. And just really working from within. Sometimes that requires that I give myself some space. I hate that I can’t be superwoman and juggle everything and still have it in me to go go go. Life is all about balance. I’m learning. ❤️

Faith is My Superpower.

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I will first just start off by saying, I know not everyone will have the same beliefs as me. In no way am I trying to offend anyone or force-feed you my beliefs. My mission is only to spread goodness. If you are someone who does not believe in God or spirituality, there is still something good and positive to take from my posts.

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What a coincidence! I was just talking to a friend about this today without having read this. About how our thoughts affect our mental and physical health. Depressed thoughts can manifest illnesses. If we think POSITIVELY we will reap POSITIVITY. I told her to think it, speak it and claim it. Faith is powerful. 
I also had said to her, “What’s the point of worrying? Even If everything in my life was falling apart, at least I would have my happiness. No one or no thing can ever steal our peace and joy unless we give it the power to.” 

I also went on to explain that I know it’s not that easy or simple. But what we can do is keep setting our mind to it and our brain will get in the habit of being positive.

My challenge to you today is for every negative thought you think, think two positive thoughts to replace it.

How Does Your Attitude Represent You?

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Being able to GROW through things and not just GO through things is my mission for 2016. Obviously certain things we go through change us, regardless. But to really grow and CONSISTENTLY maintain that positive attitude in the face of trials is a true mark of maturity. Spiritual or not.

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How many times have you been through something and just drug your feet kicking and screaming the whole way through? How many times have you been so miserable and just cursed your situation? If you’re like me, then that has happened a lot.

But why? What does that attitude do to improve your situation? It doesn’t. In fact, it makes it much worse! Negativity can and will impact our physical and mental well-being. It will literally make us sick. Going to sleep with stress and negativity doesn’t make it all go away by the next morning. Our trials and tribulations are still present the next day.

Challenge yourself to think more positively about your circumstances. I’m going to. As a woman of faith, I’m going to remind myself that nothing I face is ever too big for Him.

Worry is lack of faith.

I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than a person who is unwavering in their faith because they KNOW. We were made to be confident beings and to have authority over our lives and to take hold of our destiny. We are more than our fleshy emotions and more than our circumstances. We are capable of more than we could ever imagine. It starts and ends with our attitude.

Life’s greatest gifts.

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I would have to agree. 😌💭 For everyone, these memories, measurable moments or whatever you like to call them, are different. They very well may occur AT birthdays and graduations. But for me, life’s greatest defining moments are the feelings that you have on the inside. The ones you can’t quite put into words or capture on camera… Or the moments that are so precious you wouldn’t dare share them because you couldn’t possibly recapture the feeling with words. They are just too sacred to leave your heart. THESE are what life’s all about. 💝